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How to work with image zones
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Most ClearImage methods can be performed on the entire image (default condition) or on a rectangular portion of the image (called a zone).  Hence, two corresponding types of CiImage object can be created:

  • The Zone rectangle coordinates are initially specified upon the creation of the zone object. They can be subsequently read and modified through the Zone property. 
  • The IsZone property confirms whether a CiImage object is a Zone object.
  • A few ClearImage methods cannot be performed on a Zone object (for example, the Skew method).   Such exceptions are identified in Remarks portion of method's help page.  The invocation of these methods on a Zone object returns an error.
  • The Zone's rectangle must have valid coordinates (right greater than left and bottom greater than top), otherwise the Zone is considered empty (image.Zone.IsEmpy returns True).  The invocation of all methods on an empty Zone returns an error

      NOTE:   Applications should minimize the number of opened zones.  Unused zone images (CiImage objects) should be deleted.

      Once a zone image is created, its parent can be re-opened with different images.  The following example demonstrates using a zone object to recognize the first barcode in a specific area of multiple image files.

    • Reading Barcode in image zone Copy Code
      Public Sub T_BcZoneFiles(ByRef Ci As CiServer, ByRef Files As Collection)
        On Error Resume Next
          ' Create image object
        Dim Img As CiImage
        Set Img = Ci.CreateImage
          ' Create and define zone object
        Dim Zone As CiImage
        Set Zone = Img.CreateZone(20, 20, 1000, 1500)
          ' Create barcode recognition
        Dim BcPro As CiBarcodePro
        Set BcPro = Ci.CreateBarcodePro
          ' Initialize barcode recognition
        BcPro.Image = Zone ' Attach zone
        BcPro.AutoDetect1D = ciTrue
        BcPro.Directions = cibHorz
        BcPro.Algorithm = cibBestSpeed
          ' Iterate through files, recognizing the first barcode within zone
        Dim File
        Dim Barcode As CiBarcode
        For Each File In Files
          BcPro.Image.Parent.Open File ' Open image from file
          Set Barcode = BcPro.FirstBarcode
          If (Not Barcode Is Nothing) Then _
            Debug.Print "File:" & File & " Barcode Text:" & Barcode.Text
        Next File
      End Sub
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