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How to read damaged barcodes
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To read damaged barcodes

Barcode images can be damaged by unreliable design,  improper printing, severe handling or poor scanning practices.   ClearImage BarcodeReader object is capable of reading  barcodes suffering from a wide range of impairments.  

However, some images exhibit extreme damage that prevents the BarcodeReader from recovering the barcode value.  Such images will often benefit from the application of image repair capabilities of  ImageEditor object.   Inlite can recommend appropriate set of repair operation to archive maximum readability of your barcodes.  

Repair image before reading barcodes Copy Code

// Configure barcode reader. Set direction and expected types

BarcodeReader reader = new BarcodeReader();

reader.Horizontal = true; reader.Vertical = false; reader.Diagonal = false;

reader.Code39 = true;

// Open and repair image

ImageEditor editor = new ImageEditor();

editor.Image.Open(fileName, pageNumber);

editor.Trim(1, MorphDirections.horizontal); // <=== Example of Image Repair Action

// Read repaired image and process barcodes

Barcode[] barcodes = reader.Read(editor); // <=== Read barcodes from repaired image

foreach (Barcode bc in barcodes)

{ Console.WriteLine(bc.Text); }


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