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CiServer Object : DevMode Property


, Set Development ModeGet DevMode

Property type

Read-write property


Visual Basic
Public Property DevMode( _
   Optional ByVal bGlobalDevMode As Long = 0 _
) As Long




A Call to a unlicensed ClearImage method generates an error in the production mode.

DevMode allows use of unlicensed ClearImage modules for the purpose of development. 
If value is not zero and methods in unlicensed modules are called user will periodically be challenged by a dialog box reminder of the need to license the ClearImage module.  However the unlicensed methods will be executed normally. 

DevMode should be set to 0 for production use, so as to avoid this dialog box.

DevMode  value can be set permanently on the computer if  bGlobalDevMode parameter is not zero.
Otherwise it will apply only to current instance of CiServer and other modules derived from it.

If bGlobalDevModevalue of DevMode  will be in effect for the run time of the application.

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