ClearImage COM Server
CiPdf Object Members
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Public Properties

Public Property Authorproperty Author
Public Property CreationDateproperty CreationDate
Public Property Creatorproperty Creator
Public Property dpiRasterBwDPI used to rasterize as BW
Public Property dpiRasterGsDPI used to rasterize as GS
Public Property dpiRasterRgbDPI used to rasterize as Color
Public Property Keywordsproperty Keywords
Public Property minImageHeightMinimum height of embeded images
Public Property minImageWidthMinimum width of embeded images
Public Property ModDateproperty ModDate
Public Property Producerproperty Producer
Public Property rasterColorModeRasterize as BW, GS or Color
Public Property readModeOpen embeded images or rasterized pages
Public Property Subjectproperty Subject
Public Property Titleproperty Title
Public Property useMinImageColorsMinimize color of embeded images

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