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Encodings Property
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CiDataMatrix Object : Encodings Property


Enable/disable barcode encoding analysis

Property type

Read-write property


Visual Basic
Public Property Encodings As EBarcodeEncoding


Set this property to enable automatic decoding/decompression of barcode value.  If compression is known set specific  EBarcodeEncoding value.   Alternatively OR all expected values.  Default value is ebeNone.

After barcode reading detected encoding/compression is set in %CiBarcode.Encoding:ClearImage~CiBarcode~Encoding% property.


VB Example (Visual Basic)Copy Code
Public Function T_DM_Decompress(ByRef Ci As CiServer, sFileName)
  Dim Bc As CiDataMatrix: Set Bc = Ci.CreateDataMatrix
  ' Open image from file
  Bc.Image.Open sFileName
  ' Configure barcode
  Bc.Algorithm = cibBestRecognition
  Bc.Directions = cibHorz
   ' Try to decompress barcode value created using Inlite or Adobe compression   
  Bc.Encodings =  ebeCompressionV1 Or ebeCompressionA1
  ' Read barcode
  Dim Barcode As CiBarcode
  Set Barcode = Bc.FirstBarcode
  ' Process barcode
  If (Not Barcode Is Nothing) Then
    '  Use detected compression:
    T_DisplayEncoding Barcode.Encoding
    T_DisplayBarcode Barcode
  End If
End Function

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