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IsChecksumVerified Property
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CiBarcode Object : IsChecksumVerified Property


Barcode contains verified checksum

Property type

Read-write property


Visual Basic
Public Property IsChecksumVerified As EBoolean


This property indicates that checksum or ECC has been checked and passed verification.  Typically this value is true for barcodes where, checksum/ECC is required or optional checksum verification is requested (ValidateOptChecksum is set). 

In some cases algorithm might detect damaged checksum/ECC area, but  data portion of the symbol may be easily read.  The most prominent example is the PDF417 barcode, whose ECC bits are located in the lower rows of the symbol.   Rather than completely rejecting such barcodes , ClearImage reports the data to the application and sets the IsChecksumVerified is false.   Application should have it's own means to validate the data in such barcodes, called "suspected good.   If the application does not have these means, it should reject barcode entirely.

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