Targeted Barcode Reader (TBR)


Targeted Barcode Reader (TBR) is a set of barcode reading algorithms, each designed to achieve the best speed and/or the best recognition rate for a specific set of images.
While the ClearImage algorithms are optimized for the universal population of images, a TBR algorithm can obtain better results for a particular customer image set. Run the TBR Wizard to identify one or more TBR algorithm that are optimal for such images.

TBR rules

TBR Wizard

The TBR Wizard, activated by setting tbr-wizard mode on a command line, identifies the optimum set of TBR Codes for reading given set of image files.

Configuring TBR Wizard

Configure the barcode reading parameters

Configure image sources for TBR wizard analysis.

An example of TBR Wizard invocation is: tbr-wizard -type=pdf417 c:\some_folder

TBR Wizard Results

An example of TBR Wizard results is shown here.


Using TBR Wizard results

The following considerations affect the utilization of the TBR Wizard recommendations and technology to read barcodes in the reader mode.