Localization and Language Encoding


All output formats are created using  UTF-8 encoding, in order to accurately represent non-English file names and barcode text values.
There local language text can be encoded in the barcode in several ways:

The barcode recognition engine reads the UTF-8 barcode value and detects type-specific encoding and ECI encoding to convert the barcode value to a UTF-8 text.
However, the character encoding can not be detected and identified automatically.
Set the -encoding option to instruct BarcodeReaderCLI which encoding should be used to convert the barcode data to UTF-8 text.

Note:  Setting incorrect encoding will produce invalid barcode text value

BarcodeReaderCLI uses iconv library to perform conversion from all popular languages to UTF-8. A list of typically supported encodings is shown here. Some of the encoding names are just aliases for the same encoding.