The complete parameter settings of Barcode Director application, which may be stored in a file, to be reused for subsequent processing of input files.


A collection of image pages scanned together, or related by the logic of the workflow, or related within a document management system.  The name refers to the output file.

Document ID

A value constructed from one or two barcodes, or portions of barcodes, that are included in the unique file name of the output document .


An exception is any logical or system error that prevents the program from processing a specific image page.  The user can configure certain warning conditions to be treated as exceptions.

Exceptions Folder

The folder that will store the exception image pages.

Imaging Scripts

Image processing scripts provided by Inlite Research to improve the readability of particular classes of input files.

Input File

A file containing one or more image pages produced through scanning or faxing process.  The input file might contain a single document, or a portion of a single document or pages from multiple documents.


A profile, is a configuration element that describes specifically how documents in the input files are separated and identified.  It comprises a set of rules that define how barcode values on input pages define the output documents and/or reports.


A session is an instance of the execution timeline of Barcode Director.  It transforms input files into documents and/or reports according to the selected configuration. The order of  session operations is:  (1)  Create list of available input folders and files and image pages within input files, then (2) Read barcodes on input pages, then (3) Generate documents and/or reports based on barcode values.

Session Folder

The convenient folder that will by default contain all relevant outputs from the session.  The user can define the specific path format for this folder.  The various output folders can each be stored elsewhere by the user.

Session ID

A string that uniquely identifies a session.  The format is: YYYY-MM-DD_hh-mm-ss