ClearImage Repair

ClearImage Repair addresses the common image quality issues of fax and scanned images. Without operator intervention, it automatically analyzes, cleans up and standardizes the appearance of images for archiving, for viewing without operator fatigue, for key from image data entry and for reducing OCR/ICR error rates. Through an intuitive .NET or COM API, ClearImage Repair operates on Bi-tonal, Color and Grayscale images, stored in the most popular formats, including TIFF, JPG or PDF .

Repair Before Before
Repair After After

ClearImage Repair features include:

  • Content-based image deskew and image auto-rotation to right side up position
  • Automatic cropping and registering images.
  • Clean images with despeckle, border removal, line removal
  • Blank page detection, to allow their removal from a duplex scan stream
  • Fax-oriented modifications: standard-to-fine conversion, fax header removal
  • Advanced binarization removes documents background
  • Many more functions ... See ClearImage Repair specification

The ClearImage Repair, included in the ClearImage SDK, is designed to minimize your time to market and to reduce your operating costs:

Easy evaluation.

Try automatic image clean-up with your own images in ClearImage Demo. To start evaluation download free ClearImage SDK.

Rapid development.

Start with the source code examples in C#, VB.NET, Visual Basic (VB6), C++, ASP, PHP, Delphi and Java. Use intuitive .NET or COM API without obscure parameters. For example, these few lines of C# automatically deskew and crop an image from a TIF file.

using Inlite.ClearImageNet;


ImageIO io = new ImageIO();

ImageEditor oEditor = new ImageEditor(io.Open("test.pdf", 1));


oRepair.AutoCrop(50, 50, 50, 50);

io.SaveAs(oRepair.Bitmap, "testOut.tif");

Reliable operation.

ClearImage Repair is easy to install in production environment, where it delivers proven reliable results.

Quick answers.

At Inlite Research, developers respond to your support queries. Contact our development team to get an expert advice typically within 24 hours.


A PDF I/O Engine license is required in order to input and modify pages from a PDF file, or to write pages into a PDF file