ClearImage Tools

Use Tools to quickly build form recognition, image modification and image quality control applications.

ClearImage Tools features include:

  • Fast image segmentation and object extraction
  • Measurements of skew, margins, rotation, and pixel content
  • Identification of image lines
  • Image scaling and morphological filters (fatten, trim)
Tools Objects

Example of object identification and selection

Tools can operate on Bi-tonal, Color and Grayscale images, stored in the most popular formats, including TIFF, JPG or PDF. For example, image objects such as text, numbers, logos, lines on forms, signature lines, boxes, and all other image elements are made accessible to the developer.

The ClearImage Tools, included in the ClearImage SDK, is designed to minimize your time to market and to reduce your operating costs:

Easy evaluation

Try various image processing and analysis strategies with your own images in ClearImage Demo. To start evaluation download free ClearImage SDK.

Rapid development.

Start with the source code examples in C#, VB.NET, Visual Basic (VB6), C++, ASP, PHP, Delphi. Use intuitive .NET or   COM API without obscure parameters. For example, these few lines of C# code measure skew, pixel count, and get objects of a TIFF image

using Inlite.ClearImageNet;


ImageIO io = new ImageIO();

ImageEditor oTools = new ImageEditor(io.Open("test.tif", 1));

double angle = oTools.SkewAngle;

long pixels = oTools.Pixels;

ImageObject[] objects = oTools.GetObjects();

Reliable operation.

ClearImage Tools is easy to install in production environment, where it delivers proven reliable results.


ClearImage SDK provides a free, unlimited evaluation period of 60 days. Developers may continue to freely use the SDK in a limited Development Mode. However, unlimited production use requires a runtime license on each computer which executes the software.

Quick answers.

At Inlite Research, developers respond to your support queries. Contact our development team to get an expert advice typically within 24 hours.


A PDF I/O Engine license is required in order to input and modify pages from a PDF file, or to write pages into a PDF file