ClearImage Image Processing Engines

Use .NET, COM and Java API to improve OCR/ICR performance, to remove image defects from faxes, or from scanned documents. Image processing engines are included in the ClearImage SDK, which includes a demo to try individual functions on your images. Download the SDK and start using it immediately, without limitations.

ClearImage Repair

is the "fire and forget" engine for automatically improving images entire images with intuitive cleanup operations .

  • Automatically deskew, auto-rotate, despeckle, remove border, convert to black-and-white
  • Cleans up image noise and artifacts, significantly reducing the size of image files
  • Correct image size to fit exact page specification for printing and image placement
  • Intuitive operations require no special training and imaging expertise

ClearImage Tools

expose the object structure of the image for detailed manipulation and analysis operations, which are required for more sophisticated imaging applications.

  • For Form Processing - Identify and/or remove lines, locate specific fields, extract field contents for OCR/ICR, check for presence of data in fields, compare to reference forms and more...
  • For Image Quality Assurance (QA) - Measure pixels, skew angles, histograms, sizes, object counts, look for line objects and for text or other objects and more...

ClearImage PDF I/O

reads and writes multipage PDF documents of all types.

  • Extract images from PDF file for further image processing
  • Rasterize PDF pages with user specified resolution and color scheme
  • Save image files as single or multipage image PDF documents