ClearCheck21 MICR Reader

MICR Overview

Read the MICR line data from any PDF, Tiff or JPG image. Check images can be mixed with other document images in a mixed stream from a general document scanner, or as a check stream from check scanners. The high OCR performance of this engine, and its ability to read multiple lines at one time, support the automation of check forward and credit handling workflows

For businesses, payments arriving from customers are printed on letter sized paper, together with the payment stub or advice. The ClearCheck21 MICR Reader engine is the only engine in the industry that can:

  • Reads check images, including correction strips
  • Reads substitute checks (IRD) and OCRs multiple MICR lines
  • Accept X9.37 Image Cash Letter Files
  • OCR the MICR Line and parse the fields
  • Automatically extract check image from Remittance documents
  • Prepare the check image for remote deposit in a Check21 Cash Letter File

With the optional ClearCheck21 IQA engine financial institiutions and depositors can also obtain the required Image QA metrics.

Check Sample

The MICR line fields are available in raw format, as well as parsed and interpreted according to ABA rules described in ANSI X9.100-160-1:2004 (formerly X9.13) . The ABA fields include: Routing, Routing Checksum, EPC, Amount, OnUs, and Auxiliary OnUs. The Check Number and Account number fields are obtained according to common usage convention. Each field value is available in ANSI X9.100-180-2006 (formerly X9.37) format or in raw format, as well as ABA compliance flag, confidence level, coordinates and skew angle. Since complete MICR line value is available, parsing for non-ABA compliant documents can be implemented by developers.

Use the ClearCheck21MICR Reader engine to read poor quality images in a virtual reject repair process that does not require physical rescan.

  • Extract the correctly framed check image from the image page, in any orientation horizontal, vertical, diagonal or skewed
  • Images may be grayscale, or bitonal in any resolution
  • Parse and interpret the data, for US checks, according to ABA rules
  • Obtain the unparsed data for non US checks
  • Reads the MICR on the check and the correction strip
  • Even from poor quality images

The ClearCheck21 MICR OCR reader engine is part of the ClearCheck21 SDK, which is designed to minimize your time to market and to reduce your operating costs:

Easy evaluation.

Download free ClearImage SDK, and run the ClearImage Demo to evaluate the ClearCheck21 MICR Reader recognition with your own images.

Rapid development.

Visual Basic (VB6) and C++ source code examples are available by request.

Reliable operation.

ClearCheck21 MICR Reader is easy to install in production environment, where it delivers proven reliable results.


ClearImage SDK provides a free, unlimited evaluation period of 60 days. Developers may continue to freely use the SDK in a limited Development Mode. However, unlimited production use requires a runtime license on each computer which executes the software.

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