ClearCheck21 Image QA

Rapidly analyze scanned check images from any source and generate the required X9 Image Quality Assurance Metrics according to the FSTC and X9 guidelines. Improve the quality of check images and deliver more readable IRDs (substitute checks) with clearer embedded images.

A significant proportion of check images exceed the allowable exchange metrics, or exhibit improper TIFF tags and packaging. Use the ClearCheck21MICR IQA engine to evaluate check images on the fly, or on a batch basis, and catch these issues before they affect the deposit flow.

The new IQA engine offers:

Rich Core Functions

  • Reads check images, including correction strips
  • Reads substitute checks (IRD) and OCRs multiple MICR lines
  • Accept X9.37 Image Cash Letter Files
  • OCR the MICR Line and parse the fields
  • Automatically extract check image from Remittance documents
  • Prepare the check image for remote deposit in a Check21 Cash Letter File