ClearImage PDF417

Read PDF417 barcodes from images stored in PDF, TIFF, JPG and other image file formats.

Download Barcode SDK at no charge to see how easy it is to integrate, and to test it with your images on your own servers.

Use the Online Barcode Reader to quickly submit your images, and have them read by the ClearImage barcode recognition engines. See the results in the browser, or get them by email.

Process invoices, route incoming fax documents, index documents in scanning service bureaus and support critical production applications. No matter from which source you obtain the images: Fax server, document scanner, camera or microfilm scanner, ClearImage PDF417 will read them:

  • In any orientation – horizontal, vertical, diagonal or skewed
  • In the whole image or specified area
  • As many barcodes as are available on the image
  • Even from poor quality images

For the highest reliability of your business process and to avoid issues associated with barcode fonts, use Inlite's Barcode Generation tools.

ClearImage PDF417, included in the ClearImage Barcode SDK provides an API to minimize your time to market and to reduce your operating costs with:

Rapid Development.

Start with the source code examples in C#, VB.NET, Visual Basic (VB6), C++, ASP, PHP, Delphi. Use our intuitive .NET or COM API for simple implementation without obscure parameters.

For example, these few lines of C# code read all PDF417 barcodes in a PDF file:

using Inlite.ClearImageNet;


BarcodeReader reader = new BarcodeReader();

reader.Pdf417 = true;

foreach (Barcode bc in reader.Read("test.pdf"));

MessageBox.Show("Value=" + bc.Text);

Reliable Operation.

ClearImage PDF417 is easy to install in a high volume production environment where it delivers proven reliable results with the lowest error rates in the industry.

Low Cost Licensing.

ClearImage Barcode SDK provides a free, unlimited evaluation period of 60 days. Developers may continue to freely use the SDK in a limited Development Mode. However, unlimited production use requires a runtime license on each computer which executes the software.

Responsive Support.

At Inlite Research, developers respond to your support queries. Contact our development team to get expert advice typically within 24 hours.