Visual Barcode Designer (VBD)

You don't need to learn all the techno trivia of barcodes. VBD lets you focus on your job, the data, the documents and the process. Combined with Inlite's barcode recognition this tool assures the highest barcode readability for your business process.

With VBD you can:

  • Try out your barcode concepts as they appear on YOUR documents
  • Select the most appropriate barcode without having to learn all about barcodes
  • Create the exact barcode configuration specs for your application
  • Connect seamlessly to the Barcode For Documents Engines to generate barcodes
  • Built in generator provides immediate source code snippets for C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, C++,VB6 , ASP, PDF, Word Mail Merge


VBD and the BFD SDK provide a free, unlimited evaluation period of 60 days. However, unlimited production use requires a runtime license on each computer which executes the software.

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