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Visual Barcode Designer Specification
System Requirements

Windows 2003 or Vista and latter
.NET Framework 4.0

Configuration Modes

Quick - pick a symbology, enter data and go
Quick for Fax - generates the symbol for fax return
Process - specify target area, printing and scanning details

Barcode Orientation

Horizontal (default) or Vertical, as best fits process area.


Single barcode symbols
1D - Code 39, Code 128 and Code 93
PDF417 - any valid configuration
Datamatrix - rectangular and square orientations

Output Criteria

Unknown - leave unspecified if not known
72 dpi to 1200 dpi printer output


Normal - none applied
3 Darker - apply emphasis up to very dark
3 Lighter - reduce emphasis up to very light

Scanning Criteria

Unknown - not specified
Fax - standard fax
Scanner - Bitonal or Color/Grayscale
Scanner Resolution: specify from 72 dpi to 3200 dpi

Data Compression

None - Do not apply compression
Compressed - Compress the data with built in engine
Smallest Barcode - Use compression only if it minimizes the barcode area

Process Area Optimization

Area Only - barcode can accommodate variable data and grow to fill area
Data Only - barcode symbol is of minimum area to fit sample data
Area and Data - Barcode size is minimized but will grow to fit the area

Barcode Generation

Configuration String passes parameters to Barcode For Documents Engines

Number of Barcodes

Unlimited number can be generated per run
One (1) barcode per configuration string


Import image and embed barcode symbols
Annotate the barcode with text strings
Print the image for testing and examination

Status Display

Symbology Details
Target area assessment - maximum barcode size, no of characters

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