Barcodes For Documents Suite

Use the Barcode For Documents (BFD) Suite to add barcodes to any of your PDF, Word or other documents, images and applications.

  • No barcode expertise required to generate barcodes
  • No obscure parameters to specify
  • Produce the most reliable barcodes for your application's needs
  • Generate state-of-the art 2D barcodes as easily as more traditional Code 39
  • Easy integration in C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, C++,VB6 , ASP, PDF, Word Mail Merge

Barcodes drive effective business processes, but any failures jeopardize the success of the project. Having recognized millions of images since 1994, Inlite Research is in the unique position to understand how to make barcodes more reliable. For solid performance in production conditions, Inlite recommends to combine BFD barcode generation engines with the powerful ClearImage barcode recognition engines.

The Barcodes for Documents (BFD) Suite consists of the following elements:

Visual Barcode Designer (VBD) application

  • Interactively design the barcode on your documents to see how it fits the available space.
  • Select the symbology 1D (Code 39, Code 93 Code 128) or 2D (PDF417 or DataMatrix)
  • Enter sample barcode to see how barcode appears.
  • Generate source code for integration in C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, C++,VB6 , ASP, PDF, or Word Mail Merge

Barcodes For Documents (BFD) Runtime Engines

  • Generate barcodes designed in VBD using your runtime data
  • Simple API. As little as 2 lines of code will generate a barcode.
  • COM API for C++, ASP, VB6, and Word Mail Merge.
  • .NET API for C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, etc.

Web Server Add-On

  • Enables use of BFD and VBD within Web Servers.

PDF Imprint

  • Script based automation of business process outputs
  • Adds barcodes and text to any business document
  • Creates an easily indexed document for scanning


  • VBD and the BFD Runtime Engine operate for 60 days without limitation. A license will be required after that time.
  • At least one VBD license per site must be licensed
  • The VBD license also supports production use for barcode generation, because it contains a BFD Runtime Engine